About our products

All of our luxurious candles are carefully hand poured and made with love in small batches using 100% entirely natural soy wax and only the best quality fragrances.

We wanted a candle that was non toxic and naturally biodegradable.

Vegan friendly, cruelty free, sustainable, clean burning and better for the environment and your health. Soy wax does not release toxins when lit.

The beautiful reusable glass jars and containers that we use are all designed with the environment in mind and can be refilled or upcycled, always giving ultimate class to your home decor.

Our sculptural candles will burn for a shorter time than the candles in jars, this is due to their unique shapes, and wax spillage is expected. Please make sure you always place them on heat resistant trays and keep your candles and wicks centred and straight to have the best burning experience.

The Gift Sets are totally versatile and can easily be made up to suit any budget, just get in touch with what you would like.

Should you decide to burn your candle, please allow 2 weeks from the arrival date. As they are made to order, this allows your candle to cure completely, giving the best optimum burn time.

Please read the Candle Care Guide that is enclosed with your order.

*Hand made things can never be perfect but they are beautifully imperfect*